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Align Your Style & Goals With A Personal Stylist

Styled by Solita is a personal styling service that caters to women in business who are looking to building a successful brand and understand that their style is a powerful tool to use to promote, connect and grow their income.

Styled by Solita stands on 4 pillars of creating your personal style:

  1. Making you feel confident when you leave your home

  2. Helping you to not waste monies on items, you don’t wear

  3. Providing you with multiple outfit options, instead of just having items in your closet

  4. Ensuring you have a closet full of clothes that reflects you

Learn from a former corporate professional. Solita Roberts,

and find out how to dress for your goals with confidence.



Hey! I’m Solita . I help style professional women who are ready to make an impact on the world, by aligning their style and their goals.


Take the first step in aligning your style and your goals. Allow me to help you create a wardrobe that showcases your confidence and your style.


Read up on the latest tips and tricks you can use in your everyday life to create a wardrobe that’s bold and uniquely you.

Style is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goals in life.


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Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.


4 Reasons to Hire a Personal Stylist

Sitting in your closet thinking “ I have nothing to wear”. Having your own personal stylist can remedy this. Here are a few reason why you should book one.


1. Discover Your Personal Style

Style is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goals in life. Discover that style that confidently and boldly reflects YOU.


2. Have Fun Trying New Things

Discover new items to add to your closet that’s comfortable and uniquely you. No need to wear the same things over and over.


3. Expert Style Advice

Ever open your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear. Get the best style advice from your best friend, emotional supporter right at your fingertips.


4. Save Time Shopping

Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse, congested malls and online shopping fatigue. Get exactly what you want right from the experts.


Are you ready to feel Respected. Valued. Confident and in control at work or in your business?


You’re in the right place if :

· You feel stuck in life and suspect your style is holding you back

· You are tired of wearing the same boring outfits daily

· You feel like a change is coming in your life, and you need to look the part

· You feel like you have no idea where to start when it comes to your style

It’s Time to Refresh Your Style

· Done with feeling average or meh when you look in the mirror

· Ready to radiate confidence when you walk into your next interview, boardroom meeting or while building your flourishing business

· No more morning exhaustion from having too many clothes but don’t know how to wear them

· Time to stop settling, discover the endless possibilities in your closet

· Learn to make the most of what you already own and only purchase the pieces you need