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The Power of Style: 8 Steps to Creating a Visual Impact.

It's time to have your ideal clients swipe right instead of left on your images. It's time you stop hiding in the shadows of your business and becoming more visible.

This workbook includes 8 steps to create a visible impact and a Weekly Outfit Planner.

Step 1: Who Am I~ Change starts from within, understanding who you are and what's more important to you in the first step in accomplishing your goals.

Step 2: Goals Setting and Style ~ In this section, you will answer the following questions; Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do?

Step 3: Mirror, Your Mentor ~ Getting a mentor is a valuable asset for your personal and professional life. They can help you to be more visible.

Step 4: Define Your Brand ~ Are you unclear how to position your brand for success? This section will help breakdown those barriers.

Step 5: Create Your Personal Style ~ Stop struggling with not knowing what works for you and what isn't. This section will uncover what your style struggles are and how to create a style that speaks to your audience.

Step 6: Build Your Dream Wardrobe ~ This step will walk you through to steps to avoid saying you don't have anything to wear.

Step 7: Dress for Success ~ Dress shabby, and they will remember the dress, dress, and the remember the woman. The step will provide you with the tools you need to always be the best dressed in the room.

Step 8: Network to Stand Out ~ Put it all together and watch your style become your #1 marketing tool.

BONUS: Weekly Style Planner & 41 Brands to Shop

Your style is a powerful tool you can use to achieve your goals.