Empowering Women through Style.

Solita Roberts- Certified Personal Stylist

Hi Sunshine! So glad you found me! I’m Solita, a Caribbean girl living her dream as a personal stylist. So how did I stumble upon this career after spending some much time in the banking and finance industry? It’s quite simple actually, a few years ago, in my search for finding my purpose  I discovered that during my struggles I was using my daily outfit to inspire and uplift myself. The changes in my mood were incredible; I felt more confident and stronger. I wasn’t just buying clothes to add to my wardrobe; I was strategically buying and styling my confidence. At this point, I thought I could not be the only one who felt like this. The only one who needed this. Little did I know, there were everyday women just like you, who shared my struggles.  Women who wanted to feel confident in their clothes, to be able to dress for success, to run their businesses or prepare to take on bigger and better roles in the companies in which they work. However, they were missing a few key elements to having a wardrobe that aligned with their #bosslady goals and that’s where I come in.

Personal Stylist to professional women in business.

My motto is simple to “empower women through style” ~ by mixing your style, your confidence and your vibe to create a personal style that’s unique to you and your goals.

Are you ready to dress for success ?

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