3 Simple Steps to Dressing Your BodyType

3 Simple Steps to Dressing Your BodyType

Never say the phrase,
“Nothing ever fits me.”
ever again!


An invitation to your best friend’s baby shower starting at 3 pm, it’s now 2.30pm, 20 different outfit possibilities on the bed and you are screaming at the mirror “nothing fits.” What the hell am I going to wear? What is wrong with my body type? And the list goes of insecurities go on and on…

Sound’s familiar?! Yep, we’ve all been there.

Getting dress is never a walk in the park moment, it’s always frustrating and time-consuming. The problem is not you, it’s the opposite – “it’s your clothes.”  The way it looks on the website model most often will not look the same on you.   How many times have you purchased a piece of clothing because it looked great on display, got home and it seems less than flattering on you?

The first step in dressing your body type starts with the shopping process, buying the right clothing to accentuate and enhance your body type and feature.


Wrong clothes for the wrong body type.


Instead, I am going to make finding your body type more relatable and easy to determine. For instance, your body type is based on five different categories, that is, the areas where women carry the most weight.

  • Bigger on the Top (large bust)

  • Bigger in the Middle (larger tummy)

  • Bigger on the Bottom (a little extra in the booty/hips)

  • Proportional (classic “hourglass”- bust/hips are equal, waist is smaller)

  • No Curves (straight up and down/boyish shape)

So let’s say after taking your measurements, your butt, hips, and waist, it turns out your bust is bigger than your waist and hips, then you are bigger on the top. Which means that’s your body type.

So how the heck do you dress your problem areas?


It’s as simple as one, two, three…..


 steps to dressing your body type

1. Choosing Styles that distracts the Eyes

Distract the eyes from your problem area by choosing clothing that draws the attention to the more smaller parts of your body. For instance, if you are bigger on the top body type,you may want to distract from this problem area. The idea is not to cover it up with unflattering pieces of clothing but highlight you’re stronger and smaller body part.


  • ruffles on the top,

  • baggy tops, and dresses,

  • anything with spaghetti straps,

  • slim fitting skirts or skinny jeans. 

Instead, choose more flattering styles like

  • voluminous skirts to balance your top half,

  • well supportive bras,

  • printed pants and skirts,

  • wide leg or flare cut pants and

  • tops with wider bra straps.


2. Choosing Styles that attracts the Eyes

Just as you want to take attention away from the problem areas you want to attract attention to your smaller body areas, by doing this you help to create a proportionate body. Using another body type example, I will show you how. Let’s say you are bigger on the bottom; you want to draw attention to the smaller parts of your body; to do this you will need to:


  • Printed jeans

  • Pants and skirts in bold colors

  • Heavy materials like tweeds on your bottom half

  • Long tops and tunics that hide your problem area.

  • 3- dimensional details like patch pockets on bottom half

Instead, choose more flattering styles like

  • Printed Tops

  • Tops with fun details like ruffles
    or embellishments

  • Structured jackets and blazers

  • Dark streamlined pants and skirts



3. Dressing your middle

Defining your waist is the most important part of dressing your body type. The more defined your waist is the slimmer and more balanced you will look. [ no wait trainer method here] Instead, try wearing:

  • Belts

  • Single button jackets

  • Peplum Tops and Jackets

  • Illusion Dresses and

  • Strategically buttoned Cardigans

Once you follow these three basic rules,  you will know that if a dress is not fitting or not looking a certain way, it does not imply that you’re out of shape and disproportionate.  You merely have to identify which areas of your body you need to highlight.  I hope this post provided with some ideas on how to dress for your body type.

Your Confidence. Your Style. Your Vibe!



P.s I would love to hear from you. What styling struggles are you experiencing? Leave a comment below

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