5 Fashion Tips for Building A Successful personal Brand

5 Fashion Tips for Building A Successful personal Brand

I remember the first time I heard about building a personal brand; I became so overwhelmed and misinformed. The way it was being presented, especially when creating one on social media, was that you have to share all of you, nothing was private. So I did some more research and stumble upon “ The Brand Called You: Create a Personal Brand That Wins Attention and Grows Your Business” by Peter Montoya & Tim Vandehey.

Let me tell you the light bulb moment was epic.

So what the heck is Personal Branding in plain English, well I’ll tell you.

Personal Branding is the way in which you would like to express who you are and what you do without saying a word. In other words, you are a walking billboard for your brand, your message, your style, your voice should all work cohesively. Take, for instance, on social media you are a Life Coach who preaches confidence and standing tall in a room but when someone sees you for the first time, your entire look reeks ~ “ what is life?” Don’t be fooled, we judge each other outward appearance just as harshly.

In today’s post, we will be focusing on how fashion can be a useful tool in conveying your personal brand message. Why it’s so important to create a look that reflects who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

So ditch those lame old sweatpants, get off the couch and let us create a personal style that allows you to instantly communicate your personal brand as a professional.

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Tip # 1 Know who you are and what you represent

The key factor in knowing who you are and what you represent lies in answering this simple but fundamental question “ What do I want people to think when they look at me? Your answer should align with your brand, which will, in turn, coincide with your personal brand. Being true to who you are and what type of influence you wish to have on others will make it easier for you to identify your personal brand and your overall style look.

Tip # 2 Use Colors to convey your personal brand

Whenever you see a “White Check Sign,” “a Red and White Circle” which companies immediately comes to mind? Nike and Target right?! The color you choose to represent your brand should be on every promotional item, social media, and even your wardrobe selection on most occasions. Don’t stress if you have multiple colors representing your brand. My brand, for instance, my logo is “ Teal Blue,” but my signature pop color is yellow, because it’s more vibrant, it’s warm and inviting, which makes me more approachable. AND it looks great on me.

The key is to identify which color works for you and your brand and wear the hell out of it.

Tip#3 Identify your signature style.

Your signature style is what brings your message together. It’s what makes you unique and leave a lasting impression on others. Think of someone you admire, what is the one thing that stands out about them? What is it you see them in that never changes? That specific detail is known as their signature style.
Now ask yourself “ What would I like to be known for? What would you want people to remember about your appearance? Once you have the answers, start implementing that feature now.

Here are a few examples:

• Red Lipstick
• Shiny Shoes
• A Hat ( specific in type)
• Scarves
• Brooches *my personal favorite

The beauty of a memorable signature look is that the list is endless and entirely up to your imagination. Don’t limit yourself. Whatever, the signature style you choose, wear it a lot, and I mean a LOT until it sticks with your audience.  Try it, and I promise you will become known as that person.

Tip#4 Get Inspired

Creating a personal style doesn’t happen overnight, it takes work and researching what will work for you and what wouldn’t. There are two ways to get inspired.
First, follow me on Instagram of course for original daily style inspirations and Secondly, visit Pinterest; there are tons of style inspiration you can use to create your own look.

So, instead of reaching for that same old leggings, black blazer, try spicing up your look with something different. Define yourself and reinforce your brand! Become a stronger, more STYLISH YOU! 

Be the embodiment of this quote “When women look good, they feel good,” “and when they feel good, they’re unstoppable.”



Thanks for reading.

Share in the comments whose signature style do you admire?


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