7 Steps To Improving Your Image And Brand

7 Steps To Improving Your Image And Brand

Are you an entrepreneur? Or are you thinking of walking this path? Either way, this article is a Must read.

Knowing the importance of creating a sharp image that resonates with your clients is like trying to catch fish, you need the right bait and hock.

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. When they think of the service you provide, your brand must be one on the tip of their tongue.

Building a successful personal brand can be done is seven (7) simple steps. Keep reading the rest of this post to find out how.


Who are You?

Who are you; this is the simplest but most challenging question for many of us to answer. However, in business who you are is answered in this simple question. What do you want to be known for? Tell your brand story by creating a statement that says who you are, what you do and, whom you do it for and, how it helps them. Keep it simple and to the point.

Here is my story:

Who am I? Personal Stylist.

What do I do? help my clients step out of the shadows with a powerful signature style

Whom do I work with? Professional Women in business.

How doesn’t it benefit them? they will stand out in front of high-end clients who will pay them more.

Personal Stylist to Professional Woman in business, helping them stand out in front of high -end client who will pay them more.


Define Your Personal Brand

What makes you different from the rest? Once you can show your clients why they should choose you over your competitor, then you have created a strong message.

If your message is to treat each client as a VIP, then do so. It will establish you in the marketplace as an expert in your niche. It’s essential that you do exactly what your brand message says you will do.


Create Your Signature Style

What makes Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce , and Michelle Obama different? If you said, that each of them has a unique style specifically to them, then you are correct. From Beyonce signature blonde hair to Michelle Obama bearing arms and Ellen’s short blonde hair cut.

You see your “style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and, every time you dress; you are asserting a part of your self”.~Nina Garcia.

Choose a signature look, item, or voice that’s relevant to your personality, brand and style. In this article, I shared a few options. Read Here


Establish an Online Presence

In today’s world, even if you are a brick and mortar, if you don’t have an online presence, you are missing out on some serious opportunity to reach your ideal client. Establishing an online presence, will help you connect with your clients, and vice versa. Please buy people, so it’s important for your audience to see and hear your message.


Dress for Success

Believe it or not, but we are all guilty of passing snap judgment on someone’s abilities based on how a person speak, act, and, by what they wear. Which is why it’s important to dress the way you would like to be perceived. As a business professional, whether you are an entrepreneur or an executive, dressing for the job and success you want in your life is important. It’s time you position yourself as an expert starting with your wardrobe. I have curated a few suggestions that would get you off to a great start. Click here to view professional work outfits you can incorporate into your wardrobe.


Define Your Target Audience

If your idea is to “serve everyone”, you are going about building your business the wrong way. Not everyone will like what you have to offer, so why are you wasting time selling to them? Define your target audience by determining who is going to pay you for your service. As a personal stylist, I could cater to everyone but, what I did was to narrow my audience to female professionals, that is, career woman and entrepreneurs. Find your tribe and serve them.


Get Connect. The Power of Networking

The truth is networking scares all of us; we hate the vulnerability of having to put ourselves out there and telling total strangers why we do what we do and why it’s important to form a partnership with us. However, any successful person will tell you there are real connections to be made when you go out and mingle amongst your peers. The more you network; in person, the more successful your business will become. So shake that feeling of fear and get out there and see the power of networking.

Brand yourself for the career you want, the business you want to grow and, the life you want to have.

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5 Time Saving Tips For Getting Dressed In the Morning: The Busy Entrepreneur Guide.