5 Time Saving Tips For Getting Dressed In the Morning: The Busy Entrepreneur Guide.

5 Time Saving Tips For Getting Dressed In the Morning: The Busy Entrepreneur Guide.

When you have a to-do list longer than a mile, possible kids, several client meetings, the hassle of getting dressed is not one you look forward to.

And the last thing you want to do; is put on that tired black on black outfit AGAIN or worst, an outfit that you don't feel comfortable in.

With a few time management and organizational techniques, you can get dress easily, thus saving you precious morning time. Oh, and did I mention you will be kicking ass in the outfit department!

Let's take a look at these time-saving tips:

1. Check the forecast — for the whole week

Knowing what the weather will be like for the entire week, will give you an idea as to what your outfit for the week would look like. For instance, if the weather is sunny and warm, you'll know ahead of time that your outfit will be fewer layers and cooler.

2. Pick out your clothes — and shoes — the night before.

This may sound crazy, but it's the oldest trick that never gets old. Just as you would with picking out your kids clothes the night before to save time, you should do the same with yours. Be sure to iron and hang your clothes for that day outside of your closet. That way you can grab the outfit and go in the morning.

3. Keep a clothing diary.

Have you ever had a great outfit, that you felt comfortable, confident and got so many compliments in but a few days later, you can't remember the combination? Well, taking a selfie of your outfit can help elevate this problem. Having a visual picture of those great outfits can help you recreate the look again and again.

4. Organize your closet

Nothing is more time consuming than trying to sort through chaos and confusion. Saving time involves knowing what you have in your closet, whether it still fits and if it aligns with your current lifestyle.

Now, whether you have a walk-in closet or not, try to organize your closet in separates[ shirts, skirts, pants, jeans, you get the idea]. Keep your shoes and bags organized based on your favorite or most used item.

5. Separate your accessories.

The last detail to make any outfit pop can sometimes slip us because the pieces are not readily at hand or worst yet, they are all over the place.

A great way to keep everything organized is to store in jewelry boxes or pouches, hang your most worn or favorites pieces on a wall in your closet.

Once you implement these tips, you will find that getting dressed is less of an hassle. What are your tips for staying organized when picking out your outfit?

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