Frequently Asked Questions



A personal stylist is a person who advises individuals on refining their personal style, including introducing new fashion trends, initiating wardrobe cleanses, and curating outfits for lifestyle events. We all live very different lives, but we all share one commonality: every morning, all of us wake up and get dressed (hopefully!) for our day. BUT - did you know that the majority of women have difficulties doing that simple task? Why is that? Truth be told - it isn't so easy. There are dozens of reasons why it isn't, but here are just a few.

1) We have too many clothes in our closets that our minds become overwhelmed when making the decision of what to wear,

2) We're not  reeeeeeally confident in our personal style, so we compromise what we wear to get the approval of other women or the men in our lives, 

3) Our closets are full of items we don't wear because we felt pressured into buying what was "on trend"....

...and the list goes on! In short, the purpose of a personal stylist is to ultimately help you harness your own style, and make getting dressed every morning effortless and enjoyable. 

Why Do I need a Personal stylist?

A: Again, there's many reasons why you may feel the need to hire me as your stylist. Here are just a few of the reasons my previous clients have invested in my services:

  • "I don't know what flatters my body."

  • "I recently had a baby and have no clue how to dress my postpartum body."

  • "I don't know what my style is! I feel like I'm all over the place!"

  • "My closet is full of items I don't wear, so I need someone to help me clean it out and tell me what should stay and what should go!"

  • "I feel like all my girlfriends have better style than me."

  • "I just went through a divorce and I want to feel better about myself again."

  • "I received a promotion in my company! I need a wardrobe that reflects my killer new job!"

  • "I'm sick of my current wardrobe - trash it all and help me start fresh!"

  • "I'm married with kids, AND work full-time - I don't have time to shop let alone dress myself. HELP make it easy for me!"


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Is a personal stylist the same thing as a personal shopper?

No! No! No! Although I do all the shopping for my clients (that's right, I go shopping by myself so my clients can spend time doing what matters most to them), it's actually pretty insulting to call a personal stylist a personal shopper. Why? The difference is in the name. A personal shopper can be just about anybody - you could ask your sister or best friend or neighbor to be your personal shopper. Calling a personal stylist a personal shopper does not take into account their formal training. It's like calling a doctor 'Mr.' or 'Mrs'. They deserve to be called 'doctor'! They worked hard for their title! Anyone can shop for you. Hiring a personal stylist means you're paying for knowledge and expertise - the fact that I do all the shopping on my own is just an additional perk!

Who is your typical client?

Professional women who are building their own businesses or working toward getting a promotion or reentering the corporate world. I do however, work with individuals wanting to create a more professional look.

How will I benefit from a personal stylist?