Knowing your body type is so important when choosing and purchasing outfits. It’s the core of it all. Now if you are a “Bigger on the Bottom” body type you would look something like this sassy woman pictured here.

Which simple means that you carry most of your weight in the lower half of your body, “below your waist”.

What you want to do when getting dress is to create some sort of balance, giving yourself a proportional body type. To do this here are a few of MUST- Haves you need in your closet.

  1. Printed Top- This is to take the focus away from the bottom of your body.

  2. Ruffle Tops- Ruffles are a fun detail which would create a bigger on the top illusion.

  3. Dark Pants- With the perfect streamline, the bottom of your body is made to look smaller

  4. Structured Blazers- Creates definition for your upper body and sits well on the bottom for your body. 

Bigger on the Bottom

Bigger on the Bottom

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