It was confusing as hell the first time I was told dress code is “Smart Casual” . According to Google, smart casual is defined as a mix of elegant and comfortable garment to create a polish look.

Break out your favorite jeans. Here are 4 tips to creating a smart casual look.

  1. Don’t wear anything to work that you wouldn’t usually wear. Keep the crop top and short shorts for the beach

  2. Jeans is always an option. Slacks were once the staple of smart casual outfit, but jeans are making a strong statement. Keep it flattering.

  3. Dress for Success. Never take for granted that what you wear can have an impact on your professional opportunities. Say no to anything that’s too short or revealing.

  4. If in doubt, be smarter. it’s better to be overdressed for a function that under dressed if you are unsure as to what you should wear.

Click here to download the smart casual checklist